You can bring a special bling to your party and make it memorable by using a simple concept of a tent. Tents are cost efficient and can beat the recession as well as creating a difference in the lives of the party lovers. A simple party tent can create a blast for all your guests.


Party tents are an integral part of any outdoor event.  Tents help in shielding you from harmful weather conditions. Party tents also allow you to entertain your guests in style.  They have colorful hues, that spread an even vibrant feel among all the people present.


However, you need to note that there is a difference between festival tents and party tents.  Festival tents are used for larger parties, but party tents are convenient for smaller events.  While buying party tents, be sure to buy canvas tents as it is a perfect way of saving you from the sun, rain, wind and other detrimental weather conditions. Regardless of the party venue- the poolside, or garden the richness of party tents add a statement of elegance to the ambiance.


A luxury party tent gives your guests the best indoor-outdoor experience they can ever have no matter what the weather is. A significant advantage of the luxury party tent is that the sides easily roll up and down so you can decide on what you wish to do with them depending on the weather.  If it is hot and dry, you can roll up the sides and get covered from the sun above.  If on the other hand, it is wet and damp, the sides can be rolled down.  These stretch tents for sale are fun to use. There are some that have windows that are attractively shaped. Luxury party tents can be made with no sides too. Some of them are supported using metal poles and have brightly colored roofs.  The most popular tent colors are bright blue and red, and they are blended to make the candy-striped tents.


There is also another type of party tents known as frame tent. This is a free standing pipe structure with no center poles. Its width ranges from six inches to 40', and the entire tent is flexible and expands to any length. 



There are also frame tents for sale that have center poles but require tension to hold the canvas up in the air.  These tents hold up the weather in a way that the occupants would not get the feel of weather conditions prevalent outside the tent.